Sony PCS XG 100

  • Supports up till 1080p 60fps video resolution: Communicate more clearly and effectively with smooth, detail-packed video conferences in Full HD resolution.
  • Full HD Dual Streaming: Send dual HD 1080p video streams simultaneously (camera image and PC presentation) at a smooth 30 frames per second in accordance with H.239 standards.
  • See Everything with triple monitor mode: Support three video monitors in full size view thru 2 HDMI and 1 DVI-I.
  • Three images, one monitor: Display three separate images (Far, Near and PC) in one monitor
  • Multi-point Connection (Optional): Allow simultaneous connection up to 9 sites and 16 sites via cascading connection.
  • HD USB Recording: Record HD video (720p), voice and PC presentation direct to USB memory for easy storing and sharing


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